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 explaining GWAs power structure.

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explaining GWAs power structure. Empty
PostSubject: explaining GWAs power structure.   explaining GWAs power structure. EmptyFri Sep 23, 2011 8:46 am

when reading through t the bios here you will realize that as for now GWA has a complicated structure of Power. this is because I wan't to create a environment with onscreen backstage politics witch everyone in the fed is welcome to take part in, but to make it easier to explain where we stand I have made this power structure chart. this will be changed as time goes by and the structure changes. The longer up on this page a character is the more power does they have, although some like the COOs assistant Ashley Thomson who has no real power but is manipulating those who have will be placed in a position fitting to the power she can use but will be marked with a *. cliking on the link will bring you to the persons profile. if two persons got the same amount of power they will be put beside each other

The Sound
The Board of Directors
Andrew Jackman - Conor "The Rose" Anderson - Ashley Thomson*
The Deathangel - (IBs GM)

I will probably put player NPCs and Wrestlers at this list as well, but it will only future those who have (kayfabe) power enough to make or change matches and you can expect this list to get longer and longer as time goes by, either that or I will find a complicated power structure to much to handle and simplify it all Razz
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explaining GWAs power structure.
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