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  1. True Demon
    Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:32 pm
    Message by True Demon - RP for after Butcher/Golf match
    Ok, I want to do a whole celebrating with him for winning, and then have him turn his back to me and stand on the turnbuckle, have him stay there, and have a commentator asking what am I doing with that black bag or something. And before Butcher gets down, let me hit the Hell Drop on him Very Happy

    After knocking Butcher unconscious with the Hell Drop, True Demon stands up and brushes himself off

    True Demon asks ring personnel for a mic

    Trainers and referees come rushing out of the back to check on Butcher

    Before they get to the ring, True Demon snaps his fingers causing blue flames to surround the entire ring

    True Demon walks back to the middle of the ring, where Butcher is still laying in thousands of tacks

    True Demon: Change was promised.

    True Demon looks around the arena

    True Demon: Just a few minutes ago, my apprentice won his match. He won by cheating.

    True Demon looks down at the unconscious Butcher

    True Demon: I will not permit him to cheat to win. I will not allow cheats to run amok and bring dishonor to this profession.

    True Demon looks back around the arena

    True Demon: Hopefully, my apprentice will take this experience and learn from it.

    True Demon looks back down at Butcher

    True Demon: Because if he doesn't, he will suffer a pain without a salvation.

    True Demon drops the mic and gets out of the ring, allowing the trainers to get in and take a look at the unconscious Butcher
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