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 Afram Al-Absabi (Ring Announcer)

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Afram Al-Absabi (Ring Announcer) Empty
PostSubject: Afram Al-Absabi (Ring Announcer)   Afram Al-Absabi (Ring Announcer) EmptyMon Sep 19, 2011 9:47 pm

Afram Al-Absabi is the utility man of GWA. He works as a Ring Announcer and sometimes supports the others in executing important interviews before matches.
After the show he always sweeps the arena.

He was born in Kuwait and left the country during the First Gulf War in 1990.
Together with his wife and his 6 children Afram moved to America and tried to make a carreer as a News Anchorman, but failed due to problems with the pronounciation of some English words. The only success during his work for the News was a legendary interview with Saddam Hussein.
After his attempt to be a News Anchorman and his Talkshow "Afram At Afternoon" both were flops, he was discovered by GWA during a prototype gameshow called "Al-Absabi against annoying Anglicisms". The Managers were impressed, when he spoke to them with his loud and erotic bassvoice and they offered him a contract.

Afram Al-Absabi (Ring Announcer) Aframa14
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Afram Al-Absabi (Ring Announcer)
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